Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pasco?

Pasco is a service which allows students to access past test questions and answers from their smartphones.

Who can use Pasco ?

Pasco is currently targeted at students in tertiary institutions. We are piloting in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and will add on more institutions as time goes on.

How does Pasco Work?

Users download the app, sign up and add courses to their Pasco library. Each course has a number of tests. Tests include mid semester exams, end of semester exams, quizzes and assignments.

After adding courses, users can take tests, answer questions, comment on questions and collaborate with other users to solve questions

Is Pasco Free?

Yes and No.
To get access to tests and questions, you need to add courses to your Pasco library from the Pasco store.

Courses can be bought with Pasco Credit, the in-app virtual currency used in Pasco.

When you sign up initially, we give you some Pasco credit with which you can use to buy a number of courses.

When you spend all your Pasco credit you wont be able to add more courses to your library until you buy more Pasco credit, which costs money.

Buying courses and Pasco Credit is currently not available in the beta version but will be included when the full service launches.

When will the full service launch?

The full service will launch sometime later this semester.

What platforms is Pasco currently available on?

Pasco is currently in beta and available for only Android at the moment. However we plan to develop at iOS version when we launch the full service.

Where can I download Pasco?

Pasco is available on Google Play. Click here to download it.

Which courses are available in the beta version?

The following courses from KNUST are available in the beta version. Communication Skills (ENGL157) Elements of Economics (ECON151) Applied Electricity (EE151) Mathematics I (MATH151) Basic Mechanics (ME161 Mathematics III (MATH 251) Ethical and Legal Implications of Computing (CSM25) Accounting I (CSM157) Numerical Analysis (MATH351) Linear Algebra and Numerical Method (CSM273) Engineering Economics and Management (ME491) we will keep adding more courses every week so you can check this page from time to time to see what’s new.

What features does Pasco have?

With Pasco you can:
– View past test questions on your smartphone
– Take tests
– Comment on questions
– Discuss questions with other users
– See which answers other users chose

More features will be added with time

How does Pasco get answers to questions?

We do not provide answers on our own. However we leverage the contribution of teaching assistants, students and users to get as many answers to the questions as possible. And unless otherwise stated in the question, we cannot guarantee that the answer to a particular question is correct.

Users can comment on questions or submit answers through the discussion section for each question and we will show you a summary what answers other users gave.

How do you get test questions?

The questions in the app are crowdsourced from student and users. Anyone can submit questions through our online questions upload form.

We do not own the questions submitted.

How do I contact you if I have more questions?

Send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am interested in joining the Pasco team. How can I join?

We do not have any job openings at the moment. As soon as any openings become available, we will post them on our website.